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How much should I take?

Dosage Information

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid, one of many compounds found naturally in cannabis plants. There are many different vehicles for consuming CBD such as oils, tablets, capsules, gummies, chocolates, creams and more. Choosing how to take it might seem like the first step, but it might actually be more useful to determine how much you want to take first.

How much should I take? 

Everyone is different, this means that everyone’s preferred dosage might be slightly different too. This is why our CBD tinctures come with graduated pipettes, so that measuring out small increments and accurate dosages is easy. You may need to experiment slightly to find a dosage that works for you but here is some information for you to start with.

The amount of CBD you take could depend on a range of factors, including:

  • your body weight
  • your individual body chemistry
  • the concentration of CBD in each tablet, capsule, drop, or gummy
  • the condition you are hoping to treat

As with any new supplement, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, if you feel you want more, increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue this until you feel you’ve reached a dosage you are happy with (up to a max of 1mg per KG or 70mg as per FSA Guidelines)

How to calculate dosage:

Some products, such as CBD gummies, capsules, or tablets tell you how much is in a single serving. This makes it very easy to monitor and adjust intake in fixed increments. If you want to be able to easily increase or decrease dosage in smaller increments then we recommend you try a CBD oil tincture. All our CBD oils come with a pipette for easy dosing. As you can measure as little as 0.2ml at a time, you have complete control over your dosages.

The stronger the concentration of CBD in the oil, the less oil you need to take for the same dosage.