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White Label CBD Topicals, Creams & Cosmetics

We live and breathe organic CBD  skincare, making our own brand of unique, high quality CBD based cosmetic products here in York. Our superior raw ingredients, essential oils, organic CBD and cosmetic packaging are second to none, so you can be sure you are getting a premium cosmetic product.

CBD makes an excellent skincare additive as research suggests CBD can have various benefits to the skin due to it being a powerful antioxidant and providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Ongoing research suggest CBD may have the following benefits on the skin: 1. Regulates oil production. The overproduction of sebum is thought to be a contributing factor of acne. 2. Helps reduce inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory, CBD may be able to help reduce swelling, pain, and redness from existing breakouts, or irritation from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 3. Hydrates dry skin. Research suggests that CBD may be effective for dry, dehydrated skin.

CBD Muscle & Joint Cream & Gel

Our AWARD WINNING Muscle and Joint SKIN CREAM is one of the best selling topical creams on the market, it delivers an instant cooling effect on the skin, easing sore muscles, back pain and stiff joints. With 500mg or 1000mg CBD options, this is a light, creamy lotion with is easily applied with our airless pump dispensers. A fresh menthol aroma, the fast absorption targets the affected area quickly.

Our organically grown CBD is enhanced by essential oils which have been specifically selected for their ability to ease muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation, such Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Combined with a light, easily absorbed base moisturiser, our muscle and joint creams have received wonderful reviews from customers all across the UK and would be an essential product line in any private label collection.

Our CBD roll-on contains the same key essential oils but is now available a a roll-on gel with soothing Aloe Vera. A very popular product with sports enthusiasts who want to apply this topical gel to sore muscles but need to keep their hands dry.

CBD Muscle Balms

This CBD Muscle Balm delivers 500mg or 1000mg of CBD per 50ml jar. Our muscle balm has several unique benefits including; invigorating, relieving and soothing tired muscles, helping to aid circulation while being massaged into affected areas and nourishing the skin with natural ingredients.

Our organically grown CBD is enhanced by essential oils which have been specifically selected for their ability to ease muscle pain and reduce inflammation. Other active ingredients include Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Spearmint, Cajeput and Wintergreen which have all been used for hundreds of years to relieve the symptoms of muscle and joint pain.

CBD Face Care


Daily Face Cream: The REVIVE AND RESCUE FACE CREAM is blended with 300mg of organic CBD to help nourish and soothe the skin. Perfect for skin prone to dryness and redness. This velvety cream can be used night and day and is a valuable addition to your everyday skincare routine in an easy to use 50ml pump bottle.

Sensitive Face Cream: The HYDRATE AND NOURISH FACE CREAM is blended with 500mg of organic CBD and vitamin E to help nourish and soothe skin. A super creamy, non greasy CBD face cream, this cream is perfect for people with sensitive or dry skin. Fragrance free so it’s ultra kind to skin, moisturises, soothes and heals.

Sheet Mask: The CELLULOSE FACE MASK, advanced facial mask system with bio-cellulose second skin technology. This 1 × 2 piece mask will revitalise and refresh your skin. A super-charged sheet mask infused with CBD and various plant extracts to promote healthy hydrated skin. Our 100% cotton mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for complete penetration.

Anti-Ageing Face Cream: Our ANTI-AGEING CBD Day Cream Base is completely paraben-free, a soft, smooth day cream that will protect, restore and replenish what the environment takes out of your skin, without taking anything out of the environment! Crypthecodinium Cohnii Extract is a revolutionary ingredient that activates the specific oxidant and toxin cleansing power of glutathione in the skin to slow down the rate of the ageing process from within the cell. The face cream also contains Rosehip oil, famous for its anti-ageing properties.

CBD Skin Care

Our deeply moisturising CBD Body butter is for use all over the body. Suitable for very dry skin, our body butter is infused with our unique blend of ingredients including our organic CBD extracted from hemp plants. Our body butter is a whole body moisturiser that leaves seriously dry skin feeling softer, smoother and intensely nourished. Lightly scented with Tea Tree and Lavender

CBD Massage Oil

A beautiful addition to our growing white label body care range, our luxurious scented MASSAGE OILS with warm and invigorating essential oils. Perfect for stimulating tired and sore muscles. These massage oils are designed for all parts of the body but would be great after exercise or a workout. Designed to leave skin feeling soft and moisturised while delivering 500mg or 1000mg of CBD topically to the muscles and joints, increasing circulation to the affected areas when massaged in. Combined with a carefully selected combination of essential oils for a relaxing massage.


White Label CBD Patches

Our CBD patches are designed to be a discreet and continuous CBD delivery system. The CBD patches are made using using natural ingredients. Patches are applied to a relatively hair free part of your body (inner arm, lower back or shoulders are ideal). We recommend that you do not exceed one patch per day and that they are changed at the same time each day.

CBD Bath Bombs

A new addition to our growing white label body care range, our luxurious scented CBD BATH BOMBS with our unique blend of organically grown CBD and essential oils. Perfect for stimulating tired and sore muscles and for using as aromatherapy after a long day. Each bath bomb contains 100mg CBD. Four fragrances to choose from.

White Label CBD Sample Packs

Here at CBD Supermarket, we are so confident in the quality of our White Label products that we offer sample packs of a selection of our bestselling products. We encourage business owners to order a sample pack to try our range before placing an order, doing this enables you to see and feel the quality of our products as well as helps you select which products you want to stock. If you have any questions, we are here to help.